Jaejoong has released the music video for the pre-release track "I AM U"

He is set to release his full album "FLOWER GARDEN" for the first time in about two years on June 26th, and he has released the pre-release track "I AM U," further heightening expectations for the new album.

Jaejoong has released the music video for the pre-release track "I AM U"

Jaejoong's pre-release track "I AM U" is a fan song that incorporates the time he has spent with his fans. This song, in particular, was a surprise release during his fan concert "2024 KIM JAE JOONG Special J-PARTY Fanconcert 'I'M TWENTY' in Seoul" held in January this year. After the performance, there were many voices from fans expressing their desire for the release of "I AM U."

In response to this, Jaejoong not only prepared the audio but also produced a music video to make it a special gift for his fans.

He will hold a solo concert "FLOWER GARDEN in SEOUL" at the Seoul Jangchung Arena for two days on July 20th and 21st, where he will meet with fans.

Netizen comments

1. Since the pre-release song is so good, I'm crazy excited for the full album released on the 26th.

2. Jaejoong, it's so nice to see you doing well. Thank you for making the 20th anniversary special and happy, You're always the best.

3. Congratulations on the 20th anniversary, Kim Jaejoong. Let's continue together.

4. Let's make the next 20 years happier than the previous 20.

5. Thank you for continuously singing without a break, Kim Jaejoong, Let's continue together stronger, thank you.

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